Problem Statement

Early childhood education helps in the holistic development of children. It is basically for children in an age group of 3 -6 years. Children in these ages learn faster from their environment and people. It helps in providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning and learning activities. Several reports and research emphasis on early childhood education is an essential building block for a child's future success but what a child in rural areas should do to utilize these periods? They neither get learning environment, exposure, culture, a trained teacher, an affordable place with standard pedagogy & an effective curriculum. The absence of a rural-based playschool chain to cater to the needs of rural parents deteriorates the effective development of children.

Our offering

We ChangeStation aims to provide quality, inclusive & equitable early childhood education for all round development of child and strong foundation for long lasting learning.

What we do

ChangeStation is an organization working on providing quality early childhood education at an affordable price in a rural area of India.

We envisions to become a platform where people across come together for the development of India. A platform where people from all part of India and in any domain, who is passionate, dedicated, accountable and wants to devote his time in bringing the change. A platform for the entrepreneur who not only wants to earn money but also solves the problem of society. A platform that encourages and provides hand-holding support to the entrepreneur.

We envisions to work in the domain of education, agriculture, health, women empowerment, water & sanitation, and employment which is scalable, sustainable, easy, simple and creates impact.














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